Santos L. Halper


My name is Santos and no, I'm not a greyhound, I'm not scared and I'm not anorexic. I'm a whippet and that's how I'm supposed to be.

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That should be me!

So if this guy is 4G what does that make me? 99G?

I'm not sure what the poster says but that sure is a jaunty hat.

Why are there Doritos stains on my back?

My feet have gone missing!

I need mud flaps.

Why is there cat beer in my house?!?

On today's work schedule, a meeting with a bully stick in the sun.

you guys/gals fancy a race?

Hey I'm ready for my reserve driver audition. #Halloween

this is what ur supposed to carry home in your mouth.

I'm on top of the world! Caution: gratuitous butt shot.

Just like Little Red Riding Hood. Gotta try all 3 office beds until I find 1 that's just right. #princess

I climbed a mountain! #billygoat

Posing. #yvr