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I'm tired of clicking that bloody link. How do I tell ALL publishers I'd like to read EVERYTHING on Kindle?

Kony backlash on FB: "If you postin bout Kony I feel bad for you son, He snatched 99 children & your post saved none"

China Media Watch - Spot the Difference via . same, thanks to :

Love 's new web view:

Example, from LAT and everywhere else: (Looks like dermatologists' rage would be more aptly directed at Adobe.)

Huh. It's not here, directly above Favorite button?!/ChinaGeeks/status/167828705278832640

Wow. I see what you mean about volume:

Not sure which edition the article referred to, but in Q2 2011 version, none in top 100, unless you count HK

Thoughts on Patagonia's "DON'T BUY THIS JACKET" ad campaign?

. is down! I'm more amazed than annoyed: it's usually as reliable as gravity.

Also, nice error page:

Half a day's bamboo for Atlanta zoo pandas:

Very small thing: possible to stop partial underlining of urls containing underscores? Just looks a bit messy…

Opening of UK Dragons' Den shows the 5 apparently contemplating suicide. Hard to blame them, with some of the pitches.

In case anyone else longs for a -inspired Markdown-focused colour scheme… Preview:

Entertained that 's #londonriots posts are accompanied by a cover image with the headline "EUROPE IS ON FIRE!"

My search for a deleted article lead to shocking title-bar accusations against my favourite search engine,

Very minor buglet: broken link in description field:, "Language Log » Love <–> hate"

Huh. Search for "" throws up a promoted tweet from China Daily USA. Is that flattering?

Confucius more popular than Laozi on Facebook:

Thank you, Japan import shop. "Men's Disposable Panties. We're just a heartbeat away One touch could make it happen …"

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