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Not a fan of reincarnation, but this is hilarious. I coudn't help but share :) #AwkwardFamilyPhoto

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Something's horribly wrong with my food. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. #HotDog #HoldTheMustard

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30 years of the music industry flash before your eyes in 30 seconds.

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Heaven will definitely have large tubs of this stuff laying around. #wishfulthinking #fatcherub?

Jess is in heaven... Christmas is just around the corner of the corner! I love her.

Hey There! Hope you have fantastic Birthday friend! ;) I got you a fuzzy Chinchilla!

Oh my... That is awesome. (hint:check out the video screen) #MusicWithAMustache

haha nice. Reminds me of mine last month

Tonight is no longer just music with a mission... It's Music With A Mustache!!! #chiseledfacialhair

I was thirsty so, like the gentleman that he is, let me have a sip of his Starbucks coffee. #minime

Trying to stop "the sickness" going on in the van one pillow at a time!

Cookin' up some TV/Film magic with and !

Looks like all the indie kids have something new to wear to the Bon Iver shows.

My outfit during the encore with Hawk Nelson:

haha. Facial hair is something to be treasured and praised Too much?! ;)

Really? Not for small children?! Ha.

Go ahead, look beauty in the face. :)

Who'd a thought fortune cookies would be so smart?! #PeiWei

My new car came with a giant pitbull. Purty sweet. #okfineitsnotmycar #keepdreaming

Looks like I found 's twin in the lobby. All Nate needs is a chef hat.