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Every reader, if he has a strong mind, reads himself into the book, and amalgamates his thoughts with those of the author

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions.

Bg. 7 Know Rajas to be of the nature of passion, the source of desire and attachment; O son of Kunti, it binds fast the embodied self by attachment to action.

It was the Rainbow gave thee birth, / And left thee all her lovely hues. Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality

Did anybody notice that the NCAA made the ridiculous ruling banning American Indian mascots from its headquarters in INDIANapolis, INDIANa? ... Just wondering.

There are pretty strong research findings that once girls hit adolescence, their rates of depression are higher than the rate in boys and men.

The proper use of the gas is meaningful in the sense of environmental protection, work safety control, and profit generation.

My absolute favorite game, even as an adult is Candy Land. And so this game is very similar to that. It's very easy to play.

How often when they find a sage, As sweet as Socrates or Plato; They hand him hemlock for his wage, Or bake him like a sweet potato! Donald R

Bg 71 A person who merely hears; (the Gita) with devotion and without caviling shall be freed and attain the blessed spheres attained by men of righteous deeds.

Life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it.

The city's future shouldn't be at the expense of other political issues

I never keep a scorecard or the batting averages. I hate statistics. What I got to know, I keep in my head.

Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.

Loves conquers all things except poverty and toothache.

If wise men were hairs the world would need a wig All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.

The parent volunteers did a really good job. It was a successful meet that ran very smoothly, and the coaching staff gives thanks to them all.

The only man who makes money following the races is one who does it with a broom and shovel

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. Castles in the air are all right until we try to move into them