No, I am not a dentist. It is a poker nickname given to me by my peers. Ask me why. (Chomp!ng at the Bit) The teeth are hungry: chomp!

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day four is in the books! Word of the day: #jello


day four is in the books! Word of the day: #jello


From the immortal HDT:

#countdown to "The Journey Begins" at

LOL! Me, too.

This isn't a Doylism but it's still pretty good.

May today be filled with joy! RT : Good morning twitter peeps! Happy Saturday to All! :)

Sending some sunshine your way. RT : Crappy weather .. Crappy day!

Give Homer a hand.

Anyone know where I can find the methodology for these calculations? I am looking to #digdeeper

For your round robin consideration. "My! What big meringue you have! The better to ____ you with."

Lamborgini on the streets of Manhattan. My apologies, , this is the best pic I could get with the light change

Storm front headed our way. Time to call it a day. #nation #icefishing

Testing the ice. Testing fishing conditions.,-76.160594

We're not in Kansas anymore: "Fluffy Duck Laundromat." #nation #laundry,-76.128996

Three hours of sleep...on AirTran to reach terminal. Let's hope I don't doze off.

...but the fire is so delightful...

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Some exciting opportunities on the horizon; fortune agrees. #nation

Working over a quick dinner and cup of tea.

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