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Random rants about tech stuff (Cloud Computing, Security, Open Source, etc.). Protip: Don't assume these are anyone's thoughts but my own.

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What else could possibly go wrong today? #fupanda

Adobe Lightroom is working hard processing the photos from tonight:

I don't often play cards, but when I do, it's with Dos Equis #dogsplayingcards

What's this "Enomaly China" stuff about, any ideas /? If it has a director is must be a new company?

Here's the full #fail picture :

More WTF brought to you by :

RT : I don't believe in their right to rape, assault and spread disease <-

What's wrong with this picture ? How many flights? How many gates?

Not really "free shipping" then is it ?

Wow, that guy must be something special

If you're experiencing web issues (you could say that ):

Oh noes! Excel 2011 just ate my expenses spreadsheet — have to start from scratch:

So this is how deals with #security researchers — for a sec I thought they'd fixed this:

Bierfondue in Switzerland with &

Feeling foolish now — here are the pixels that let you back into your page. Thx . Now how do I delete it?

Current status:

Epic social media #fail by The :

Anonymous :

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