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YSTV techie-in-exile on industrial placement down south. Opinions, however ridiculous, are of course my own

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The Hans Brinker budget hotel, the worst hotel in the world. They wouldn't even let us in the bar!

Meet Cafe Gollem in Amsterdam: over 200 assorted beers. if you do IBC, make sure you come here

European Fairy liquid is weird

Present for - shiny new comms

Freebies! did you get yours?

Last train home, how glad I an to see you #longtrip

You know you're too early when the lights are all off and nobody's around who knows where the switches are #early

Going to be a very wet half marathon today!

So that's what nearly £1000 in fivers and pound coins looks like. It's really heavy!

New Year absinthe! #newyear #startaswemeantogoon

Never a normal Christmas in the Nicholson house

Christmas tree light surgery #techiewin

Running this way may have been a mistake #flood #fail

Gassing the buggers worked, sadly this was my Christmas present this morning #bloodybugs

There's a bloke in the ceiling looking for something dead... #bugs

Behind the scenes Christmas Imbroglio. Tune in now at

has found his purpose: table for and her shoe

Snow! In the South!

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