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I make comics and then I put the comics on the internet.

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Sam and Candice as Battler and Beatrice the Endless Witch from... a thing I am unfamiliar with

Sam and Fuzzy as some Doctors who:

Sam as Pokemon trainer and Butcher as snorlax:

Sam and Fuzzy as Finn and Jake:

Posters I designed for came in! Featuring art from , and


Here are some traditional Toronto Island shrines:

Here are some traditional Toronto Island shrines:

Quaint Toronto Island custom to ward off Christmas demons:

So long, inferior non-island portion of Toronto

I bought Oswald instead of this disturbing Sexy Slave Leia Minnie:

This was the only thing I brought back from Disneyland. I love Oswald, he's like a Mickey that never devolved into preschool edutainment

Ack! Where the heck did all THIS come from?

This was a really surreal moment for the seagull:

This place is lovely, though:

Omg this rental house came with candy. It is run by the sweetest irish lady. There are buckets for potatoes:

I guess if I was in charge of Sonic's redesign he'd come out like this:

Hang on, this one is better:

Hanging at Gottacon, sketching horrible tshirt ideas: