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I make comics and then I put the comics on the internet.

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Here's Fuzzy and Nic as Ed and Faye:

Someone said they have loved My Little Pony since the original, this is what I remember it looking like:

And here we have Sam vs Fuzzy as Freddy vs Jason:

Here is Aaron and Sam as Lupin the 3rd and Daisuke Jigen:

Sam and Fuzzy as Calvin and Hobbes:

Sam and Fuzzy as Doc and Marty:

Edwin as Nosferatu:

Sam as Fuzzy and Fuzzy as Sam:

Fuzzy and Dev as Aang and Katara:

Dev as Samus:

Why not Zoidberg Dr. Crab?

Aaron and Sin as a Steve and a Creeper from Minecraft:

Sam and Fuzzy as Professor Layton and Luke:


Sam and Fuzzy as Han and Chewie:

Aaron and Buddy are on a mission from God:

Devahi as femShep from Mass Effect, complete with ridiculous holo-blade thingy:

Sam and Fuzzy as 's Gastro and Phobia (in that order):

If you aren't watching the stream you missed Rikk coming in to draw Skull Panda fighting Spider-man:

Here's a Raz Fuzzy using Pyrokinesis on a Ford Mr. Sin: