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Ok, here is some Game of Thrones universe S&F action!

Another from Mass Effect, Nic as an Asari (obvious choice with the head things)

In a world where Noosehead was New Wave instead of Nu Metal...

In the world of Dune, all fear the Sand Buddy:

Grim and gritty noire world Fuzzy:

In the Mass Effect universe, Fuzzy is the Tiniest Turian:

Aaron, Dev and Buddy in the obligatory gender-swap universe:

Steampunk Sam and robot Fuzzy:

In another timeline, Sam and Fuzzy resolve the Civil War:

X and Y from a feudal Japan-esque world:

So this labrador retriever seems to have snuck into our house and thinks he lives here now.

Ooh it has it's own glass!

Having a killer time at #vancaf. So happy to see the hall so full. SUCCESS!

Soon this will be full of cartoonists:

#vancaf setup, phase one! (Aka the empty phase)

Spider Jerusalem sketch from today:

Met at Fan Expo and picked up a copy of the awesomely massive King City tome:

Proudest day of my life:

Ok, last one for now. Sam as Gordon Freeman, Fuzzy as headcrab:

Which prompted someone else to suggest I do Sam as Spike: