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I make comics and then I put the comics on the internet.

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The Prettiest Face:

Our dog Mac is a good leader:

Mac, I think this stick is too big for you:

And last but not least, my friend Michael would be disappointed if I didn't do my "pulpy dino jungle world" idea

Dev, Fuzzy and Conscience Cat in a superhero-verse:

Gurren Lagann universe fashion norms explained:

The core cast in the XKCD-verse:

Detective noir-verse Sam and Dev:

In Middle Earth, Sin ents have to watch out for beavers or whatever:

In a world where Fuzzy is a stressed-out business start-up manager and Sam is a crazy ball of violence, things are disturbing:

Fuzzy in the Ducktales duck-verse:

In a world where everyone is a plant, Fuzzy and Mr. Sin... are plants

Here is Isis-Nic and Bastet-Conscience Cat from the Egyptian Pantheon-verse:

Cowboy-verse Sam on a horse (named Hidalgo):

Sam, Fuzzy and Conscience Cat from the Ghibli-verse:

Edwin finds his calling in the Potter-verse, Dev does not:

Everyone in the Powers-verse is a cop or a superhero

Here's Candice and Fridge hanging out in Valhalla in Norse-verse:

Sam and Fuzzy from the Burton-verse:

Sam and Fuzzy from the Muppet-verse: