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Here's Fuzzy and Sam as Paperink and Uno, from the european Disney Donald Duck superhero comics:

Here's Nicole in the non-stupid version of the Harley Quinn outfit:

Theophilus was bit by a radioactive cog and is now a being of pure steam:

Fuzzy as Deadpool: .

My S&F style redesign of Poison Ivy came out as the Bruce Timm version with different hair, whoops!

Mr. X as... Arm Fall Off Boy:

Fuzzy and Bonus as Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man:

Sam and Butcher as Sailor Moon and Luna:

"Fuzzy as Hulk" put this image in my brain immediately:

I've started using these Zig and Staedtler brush pens interchangeably, because as far as I can tell, they are the same pen?

A little packing overkill courtesy Dick Blick:

I have to admit, he looks much perkier this way

At the RBCM dinosaur exhibit. It is crazy how different our understanding of stegasaurus posture is from when I was a kid

Thank goodness, FINALLY:

This Swarovski surfer duck looks like something would draw as a joke:

Heard the sound of the ps3 turning on in the middle of the night. Went to check it out and found this:

Mac is so purdy:

Nooo NCIX, whyyyy?


The Prettiest Face: