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John Constantine as a Grrbil:

Colossus Ackerman and Cyclops Lance, the X-Per-S Men:

Pretty pleased with this Mr Sin Dr Strange!

This opens a whole can of worms I know, but WHATEVER Aaron as Dave God Tier:

Someone asked me to draw the origin story for how my characters got all the various powers they'vehad today, so:

Galactus Buddy:

Sam and Nic as the Monarch and Dr Mrs the Monarch:

Dev as X 23:

Jonah Hex Fuzzy says, "Don't watch the movie."

X and Y as Wolverine and Sabertooth:

As promised, Dev-Squirrel Girl with Conscience Squirrel sidekick:

Fuzzy, Butcher and Dev make for weird Powerpuff Girls:

Wonder Wurdwurm (sorry):

Fridge as Mysterio:

Here's Aaron being Aquaman and Buddy being... a fish.

This is how I'd imagine Deadpool would look if he materialized into the S&F universe:

Sam and Nic as Dream and Death:

Future Fuzzy as Booster Gold:

Malcolm thought Mr. Sin was a space gopher, but it turned out he was actually Squirrel Girl:

Mr Rexford as golden-age Flash: