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Here is a photo i took with my phone of showing me a tweet of his photo of our wii u chat on his phone through the wii u chat

Drawing time at the Tugboat!

Today I am working at Shared Space with Barry Deutsch, who shares a pretty rad work area with Jake Richmond:

Found DS Lite by dog trail in forest, covered in mud, full of water. Still works, of course:

The Vancouver Gaming Expo is in a theatre!

Eating Xmas Rice Krispies out of a Tim Hortons cup in an airport is the most "Sam Logan" thing I've ever done

I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but it turns out I draw a pretty bitchin' Rygel from Farscape:

We are ready for you, Winnipeg!

Oh god, maybe they were right! Maybe the appocalypse DOES come in 2012:

Forgot to attach photo proving this is reality:

Urgent text from reads "Sam! Canon?" with attached photo of Disney babies

Photo of my wife, my dog, Earl, BP Richfield, and the U to Z section of my comic collection

Haha! Take that, !

The Fix It Felix/Wreck It Ralph arcade machine is really cute!

Shannon meets the love of her life:

And last but not least, Theophilus as Cyborg:

Starfire Nicole:

Raven Dev is not the first Raven Dev ever but her she is again!

Robin Sam and Beast Boy Fuzzy are not actually teens: