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Tweeting from a beer dinner at the Windsor arms. Tweety tweet tweet steeeve beauschene

Channeling Ron swanson.

Evil looking sun in Hamilton.

Hey! Free ham! #finehamabounds

Hot diggity. Nice colour, sky.

Well, that's enough occupying for me. Time to relax with a thing

sorry about your office boss lady

7:45. Ain't even at the skyway yet. Must refrain from punching the bus.

Glad I didn't throw out the old backup monitor.

I guess the netbook screen is less durable than the rest of it.

Oh yeah. Riding on a sweet, sweet luxury bus. High class as all heck. #busrider


Black oak brewer huddle

Sam corbeil's iron brewer entry. He has reminded me to tell you that there is wood in uranise

we're evaluating the red leaf lager #niagaracollege

The view from Burlington

Shit that's wrong with the east coast.

you are stuck outside.

I'll say this for Niagara college. The view from the lunchroom ain't too shabby.#niagaracollege

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