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Interesting back-to-back headlines on 's front page, filibuster edition:

Welp, we know what YouTubers are searching for.


Cool press release, Speaker Boehner.

The two-sentence letter from Eric Holder to Rand Paul

Team Boehner has lots of infographics

Shorter David Brooks to Republicans:

The Tea Party Membership Cardâ„¢, via

Engraved into my sidewalk, a Hadron Collider joke

Protester getting arrested.

Stuck in an elevator for half an hour tonight. But we were saved. And now we're celebrating at Ben's Chili Bowl.

Historic - beer summit

. needs another bday drink

The divergence in Election Day campaign spin..

Sean Hannity, doing his thing.

Here's Romney's road to victory if he pulls off an upset in Pennsylvania

One argument for abolishing the electoral college:


The 269-269 tie scenario. It's not inconceivable.