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Eric Cantor hammers what appears to be the nail in the coffin for immigration reform in the House.

Fun AP lede:

GOP health aide explains the ACA repeal/replace dilemma better than I could:

. sought comment from the White House, and this happened:

Amazing line from John Roberts on campaign contributions and corruption:

Why yes, , I do have an ongoing commitment to freedom.

Health care adviser to Hillary in '93: "please try to avoid the word MANDATE."

Today in email blast fail:

CBO says a $10.10 minimum wage would move 900,000 (out of ~45 million) out of poverty in 2016.

Don't forget this amazing quote by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) after the last debt limit fight:

Grimm's apology statement: "I was wrong."

.'s office is keeping busy during the #SOTU:

Lamar Alexander's statement firing Ryan Loskarn over child pornography allegations and naming a new chief of staff.

What Rob Ford hath wrought

Amazingly dishonest Drudge splash on Boehner right now

Amazing photo of the cop car that got destroyed, taken by :

Rep. Devin Nunes (R) calls GOP conservatives "lemmings" then says that's an insult to lemmings

DNC fail:

Full statement on Senate lockdown via Sergeant at Arms. No one in danger, "abundance of caution."

Dear Breaking Bad fans, this just happened: