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throw in the towel

Yikes this Drudge splash.

Obama-appointed judge trolls Obamacare challengers with pizza analogy:

Boehner statement on plane:

How to discuss a business relocating abroad in the "corporations are people" era:

Boehner statement on the jobs report doesn't comment on the jobs report.

Here's Justice Stevens in 1997 saying RFRA is unconstitutional:

Boehner's website still says House action on immigration would limit Obama's executive power:

Boehner responds to Obama on immigration:

This is from Kennedy's 5-3 opinion saying feds have "broad discretion" on who to deport:

John Roberts on cellphones and Martian visitors:

. responds to 's refusal to support reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank

U.S. senator wonders what "dad jeans" are:

I'm convinced Devin Nunes exists to say the things GOP leadership is thinking but can't say:

Fascinating: In ACA, SCOTUS made interstate commerce reg the only enumerated power where Congress may not 'originate'

This is a very important and very underappreciated dynamic.

Kagan and Alito swipe back and forth in the legislative prayer case

Does the "M" in Anthony Kennedy's middle initial stand for "Meanderer"?

On message: Reid attacks the Koch brothers in his response to Boehner on Benghazi.

Came by this great Thurgood Marshall anecdote while reporting this piece on SCOTUS and race