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Looks like Judge White struck ACA federal exchange subsidies on Chevron Step One. #nerdtweets


.’s statement on Eric Holder resigning:

Is it really "attacking Senator Mark Udall’s late father” to point out that he once ran for president?

These are the 22 senators who voted NOT to arm Syrian rebels:

Hm… Obama just nominated someone who used to work for Koch Industries.

Re-upping this pitch-perfect quote from a GOP health aide on why ACA replace won't happen:

White House praises CVS for ending cigarette sales in their stores:

Joni Ernst is running to Bruce Braley's left on Social Security:

Here is Jesse Benton's full statement about resigning from McConnell's campaign:

This rhetoric from Boehner won't make it easier to avoid a shutdown fight over immigration:

This birth control workaround is exactly what Alito floated in the Hobby Lobby decision:

Read 's timeline on madness in Ferguson.

Is Alberto Gonzales throwing shade on Boehner's lawsuit against Obama?

throw in the towel

Yikes this Drudge splash.

Obama-appointed judge trolls Obamacare challengers with pizza analogy:

Boehner statement on plane:

How to discuss a business relocating abroad in the "corporations are people" era:

Boehner statement on the jobs report doesn't comment on the jobs report.