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I cant sleep but for once it paid off. I'm an amateur zoologist and been observing cats among other beasts. Somewhere around santa barbara(and neverland ranch hey!) i had this wonderful idea to purify my system from all the ding dong and donut residue. I

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i felt that some outer,gentle force was moving my hand on mouse.

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the forest has a new guardian. see you there, Peter Steele!

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hi all!my fav american holiday is thanksgiving,possibly because of my designated totem animal, the turkey.yes,not all of us are fortunate enough to have a cool totem animal like wolf,bear or an eagle.but hey,that sure as hell doesnt mean guys like me cant become children of the night and dream of cullen family,wolf moon,dark forests,and all things gothic and nocturnal.no sirree!plus when threatened turkeys turn into fierce pecking machines and will commit unspeakable attrocities like cannibalism and blood sucking to protects their eggs and loved ones and such.bit like edward cullen,only they dont glitter in the sunlight.phew well anyway, since everything is possible in ohio, i've decided to celebrate thanksgiving today because i dont think i will be in US of A when the time comes and sadly europeans dont give a shit about pilgrims and indians.so happy early thanksgiving,may your turkeys and/or tofurkeys be fat and rich in proteins!yours truly;the cosmic gobbler

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death is a perfect form of anger management.and one can always return from the netherworld by combining essentials salts of the corpse and "ultimate man".

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chilling out before the show in montreal

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but in a case of emergency, this trinket will protect you from the black magic.

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satanikus robotikus, mundi vitutus rectalis. mea maxima culpa, ego rex lizardi est.

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