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For over 30 years, we've been offering ancient artifacts, coins at wholesale prices. We like to tweet about ancient art, cultures, and other daily happenings.

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26936 - 22kt Persian gold bracelet with twelve stylized birds attached. 200 AD.
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26916 - Ceremonial bronze bowl from Luristan with a decorative outer border in Repousse. Depicts three pairs of grazing gazelles. Dark patina. 1200-800 BC.
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42662 - Asian, carved variegated dark green jade Foo Dog seated on a base, body with intricate designs, ball in his mouth, right leg resting on a ball. 1700s AD.
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44748 - Asian glass dragon with horns and decorative carved details on the head and body, swirls of the molten glass visible on the body in shades of brown, beige and ivory. 400-500 AD.
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44685 - Asian bronze mirror with a raised design of dragons, a horse and mythological animals. An insect in the center with a hole for stringing. 1300s AD. #sadighgallery #Asian #ancient #bronze #mirror #dragons

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Asian - bronze container with a movable handle, bands of incised geometrics, animal patterns and four animal heads. 1300 AD (8" x 6").
#Asian #bronze #container #ancient #Sadigh

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Asian - bronze container with top lid, side chain handles and an incised decorative border. 1700's AD (9").
#Asian #ancient #bronze #container #Sadigh

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Asian - bronze facial mask helmet with a spear point and crown, traces of gold gilding. 1700's AD (12" x 8").
#Asian #ancient #bronze #mask #helmet #Sadigh

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Ancient Roman - iridescent glass vessel with a top handle and graduated side handles. 100 AD (6" x 2").
#Roman #ancient #iridescent #glass #vessel #artifact #Sadigh

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Ancient Roman - turquoise mold-blown glass bottle of Janus, the Roman God of beginnings and endings. 50-100 AD (4" x 2").
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Phoenician - Core-formed glass Amphoriskos with blue, white, black, and brown marbled festoons. 400-200 BC (3 ½" x 2 ¾").
#Phoenician #glass #vessel #ancient #artifact #Sadigh

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ASIAN, Carved green jade stamp seal with Asian characters, a turtle and the head of a dragon on top. 1300 AD (4" x 3" x 3 1/4").

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ASIAN, Carved black basalt Kuan Yin Statue, Chinese Goddess of Mercy, seated upon a stylized lion with decorative saddles. 200-400 AD (27" x 18").

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ANCIENT ROMAN, Terracotta Statue of Diana of Ephesus, Goddess of the Amazons. Her temple built by the Amazons was one of the wonders of the World. 100-300 AD (5" x 1 ¼").

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EGYPTIAN, carved white limestone scarab beetle pendant with incised hieroglyphics on the bottom. 18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (1/2").

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EGYPTIAN, golden mold-blown glass head flask, with Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of joy, Motherhood and love. 100 BC (4" x 1 1/2").

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Holy Land, decorative Bronze vessel with single spout and handle, the surface with a decorative floral motif in relief, the lid rusted shut. Dark green patina with light earthen deposits. 1800's AD (6 ½" x 3 ½").

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Lapis Lazuli stone with a polished surface, depicting a head wearing a lotus shaped headdress. Egypto-Roman, 200 AD.

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Roman, mosaic floor panel of a horned deer standing near a tree. Made from red and brown Tesserae in a grid of grey Purbeck marble. Mounted on a wooden panel. 300 AD (23" x 19").

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Ancient Roman, group of 3: Bronze cube and square shaped jewelry molds, used for making jewelry by the "lost wax" technique. This technique involves the following stages: two stone or terracotta molds were made with the form of the jewelry worked on them in reverse, in intaglio. Precisely half the piece was carved on each mold. Molten wax was poured into these molds, which was then replaced by molten metal. 200 AD (1 1/2" - 2").

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