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Oversized table & chairs on top of Blue Water Bridge. Table is 28'x30'x20' (LxWxH) #artprize

Nessie is in the Grand River. #artprize

Pretty new trailer. Tractor Supply Co even told us about 10% off sale starting tomorrow, and honored it tonight!

Looking for nearby landfills, stumbled onto Waste Management's site. They offer to "help with pig carcasses..."

ADA-accessible sidewalks FTW!

Vinegar sauce?

The cripple goes shopping for Legos.

The cripple-mobile moves slowly.

Dessert, Ikea-style.

Confusing? Maybe, but most drivers will be too busy worrying how to navigate to even see the signs!

Any guesses what this is?

Can't decide if this seems perfectly normal or absolutely disgusting.

Peace offering? Just because?

It's nor everyday that you see a helicopter strapped onto a flatbed...

We have a national Christmas tree... And *this* is it?

1 of 400 official USPS R2D2 mailboxes, commenorating 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

Washington Monument. We are touristing on the way to the Air & Space Museum.

A roaf sign on the Pennsylvania Turnpike just instructed us to remove sunglasses...

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

My displays multiplied!