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I can read the TelePrompTer LOL

LOL The real reviews all seem to be bad

You're right so many fake paint zoom reviews! Found a real one:

Today I discovered this delicious pretzel chips. Perfect with a beer!

I've designed some tax labels for my #business receipts. I am organized!

Help! Anyone know why my photocopier is printing full black pages? [All I did was install a brand new toner] #Xerox

Holy crap! There is something wrong with the new light bulb I just installed. It actually melted beads & plastic wire next to it!

Listening to Yoon Hee Kim speak about #Tea #OttawaTeaFestival

Watching some interesting dances at the #OttawaTeaFestival

At the #Ottawa #Tea festival. Listening to some interesting speakers.

Yay! The repairman replaced the dispenser unit and now it's working (at least it's registering the liquid now).

Installing modern looking floor registers that won't turn yellow & won't rust! (AFTER)

Upgrading the floor registers in the house (BEFORE)

This is what I'd bought related to #paleo & #hormones .

Oh man the guy was too busy hitting on me he forgot the hummus! But at least I got 2 garlic :-)

I'm up to over 14 books & didn't get the Jobs one yet!

#Siri is da best! [Sorry ] I'm now a genius!

Even better when the piece of crap blender falls over and breaks a few glasses. $&#%*!

Apple built #Siri with a sense of humour.

This is the last low quality photo you'll see from old iPhone 3G. It's been a long time waiting to upgrade it.