robin the art person


comic book artist with a day job and very little sleep. アメリカに住んでいるマンガ家です。日本語はオッケーです。外人です。アホです。

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And here's the back:

Wearing this shirt today:

Reading my own comic on the netbook XD; #narcissist

Haruka is very interested in this.

I'm working very hard. Yes, yes I am. 虎ぁーーーっ

Am I the only one seeing this resemblance?! #nerd

時々、このイラスト見ると、ミケ君ぎゅーっと抱きしめたい感じがする! 先生、なぜこんなにカッコええキャラ作れるのか?(笑)

昨日、髪型写真プリントアウトしたw でも、写真の前で・・突然このフォト・・・現れた。何故。when I was printing out pics of hairstyles, this printed 1st, by itself. Eh?!

Stuck behind this on the road. For once, I don't mind being behind a semi! PUPPY!!

The smaller you make it, the better it looks!! 小さな方がもっとキレイに見てると思う、だははっ

Someday, this will go on my back. いつかこれを私の背中に入れ墨しよう〜w

Hey I saw this magazine & thought of you. Scary macaroni fro is trumping creepy flesh-colored beard!

Once again.... Pooooork floooss!! I'll be cooking some Singaporean munchies tomorrow! :D

look!!!! All in one piece, too!!

It's really hard to believe that I've made all these. 作ったのマンガです。全部私だけで作った信じらんない‼

Ah, Yukiya. Playing strong. Things depicted in ch7 most likely started after the band left yuki's apt that night. #cardboardangel

また自分で作ったのコミックス読みます。だははっ once again reading my own comics.... #cardboardangel

Sometimes I read my own comics.... 時々自分で作ったのコミックス読みまーす ( ̄▽ ̄)

Accidentally typed in gibberish while holding my iPhone while on the elliptical machine. Yayayayayuaaaayaya.ya.

More steak...! わお〜