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Everything's fine. I have no idea what the police are investigating.

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Chompsky used to be a cute city dog. Now he's a swamp monster with burrs all over his face #countrydog

I guess the secret's out. So anyway here I am by a pole

FACT: this is totally made up and you should do basic research before putting these all over the airport.

I went biking yesterday, locking my helmet with my bike. When I got back, the Easter bunny had visited! #Toronto #yaycandy

Skating out by Woodbine Park, PRETTY TIMES #toronto

Lake party! / Lake party! / What time is it? / Lake party time

So sent me some new glasses and I think they nailed it! ME AND NEW GLASSES, FRESHLY SHOWERED:

Last night we measured the relative height of cartoonists and pals:

Pool party with 's half of the family in Oshawa! #Noshawa

Another angle, anyway, I found this by the garbage #heyladies

Looks like SOMEONE was miraculously healed at... the gas station?

Jenn made me dinosaur cowboy eggs for breakfast! #bestwife

None of you said "ice cream o'clock" so none of you get to share my ice cream; sorry bros

6 years ago Ro and I put some pretty great stuff in a geocache here in Tommy Thompson park! It's gone now so someone got some rad stickers

all gone, you have to eat quickly when north boys are around! :o

in return here is the French toast we're having for breakfast here! #breakfastbros

We're drinking an ale with David Hyde Pierce on the label he made called "We'll Always Have Maris"

"What's secret ingredients do you use to get such beautifully conditioned hair?" "Oh, you know, the usual"

Looks legit

Later on I guess we might shoot some machine guns? #florida