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Developer/journalist with @CensusReporter. Also with @OpenNews, and former news apps editor at @SpokesmanReview. I like web dev, music, baseball, food & drink.

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pretty sure I can keep doing this every block

Wish I could fave just the retweet.


Meanwhile, around here.

No, and no. It’s regular and you couldn’t see two looseys next to it.

speak of the devil

Can’t be sure, but we may have an in flagrante here.

Dude, remember when grandma & grandpa had these? I found some!

It’s missing a few pieces, but my latest acquisition means Thanksgiving just like we had it when I was a kid.

Has this been going on for a while?

I believe you know what this is.

Dude. Onyx for life. I hoard in case they ever stop producing them.

Good morning from the frosty north.

Good morning from the frosty north.

It’s weird, just can’t handle how happy and unstressed I am.

Seems important.

My son’s cross country team decided to go full Blue Steel for their season photos. This is him. I have no words.