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Code+journalism with Knight-Mozilla @OpenNews. I help make @CensusReporter. @SpokesmanReview alum. News nerdery, music, baseball (Royals!), PacNW, craft beer.

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Also waiting for girls to get here for a new New Year’s tradition.

Seriously, making dreams come true tomorrow.

Once a year, every year on Christmas Eve. Happy holidays to all of you and all of yours.

Grandma’s chili sauce a-mise-en-placin’.

There’s a reason they call it “Couging It.”

Feels like this should have been that gif.

I respect this.

Doesn’t compete with your Christmas sweater, but found a shirt that expresses my own festive spirit.

When did you work for Topps? On my desk right now:

Birthday memoriez.

Emergency staffing call from 4th Grade Pioneer Day. Rough work, here in the cinnamon-ornament dough mines.

And the Christmas Beer Fairy laid his finger beside his nose …

The Christmas Beer Fairy has been hard at work tonight.

Just that kind of day, right?

Just that kind of day, right?

Seems something.