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So this was on the FIRST WINDOW at Taco Bell.

This was a keychain in a store at the beach. Can you say fail?

Best shirt I've ever seen in my life. Ever.

there is another Skywalker.

Really AT&T? I was outside on a beach, surrounded by nothing. How was this possible?

Anybody know what that arrow looking thing is on the top right of my screen?

I took an absolute beating on Words With Friends.

Went on a quest at Myrtle Beach and came away victorious.

This guy is playing Christmas music at his ice cream cart. At the beach. In July.

Your sign says midnight or later but you say different.

So I guess this is what goes on Wendy's.

So they do this at Wendy's now.

My new wallpaper is awesome.

My new wallpaper is awesome.

Trying out this new folder thing on the iPhone. Not sure if I really like it much yet.

Yea. I have this app on my iPhone.

So when Steve Jobs gives his keynote at Apple's WWDC tomorrow, this is what we get. Awesome.

Check out this picture of this sinkhole in Guatemala. Looks like some shit off a movie or video game.

Why would this ever be in a bathroom in a hotel? Do they let people shoot up here now?