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Haha. A great ending to our Vegas adventure. Didn't even have to kill for survival.

To much Jack. Not enough gas!

To much Jack. Not enough gas!

Watchin a little .

cheers you guys Good luck this weekend. Wish I could be there. :)


Ghost bat at The Palms with and

Made it!

It came a day early. Felt like I found a $20 bill in an old pair of shorts. Haha.

I'm thinking about doing this with my truck. What do you think?

My new iPod player is in the mail. Can't wait. Were gunna be jammin at the shop!

Haha. This is awesome.

Looks like was real productive today at the shop. Thanks for the accessories, guys.

In San Diego, watch the Giants do work!

In San Diego with my pops. Gunna watch the Giants kick the Padres ass!

What do you think? Should i get her?

Just for you

Just got pulled over. He said I was swervin. Look what I found in my glove box. Haha. No ticket

Just got pulled over. He said I was swervin. The pic shows what I had to dig through to find my registration and insurance. Haha. No ticket

Just finished up on the golf course. Mom beat me by 1. I'm blaming it on the 100oz. Jack and sunkist.

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