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Makes a nice graph

This is the most amazing software piracy message I've ever seen:

. I posted it didn't i?

. You pay GST - and you pay same no matter how you get credit. So it works if we understand or not.

Some dodgy Lightning cables on sale in Service Stations - look like Apple packaging. Connector is too wide to fit.

How not to deal with a hacked account report. Don't Yahoo have email between US/AU? English? Didn't I?

Leading to theme developing

So frustratingly close

ABC homepage layout messed up - who do I tell?

Uncompressed time-lapse sequence with not even 1 frame per frame 4.25 Gbps. So likely up to 5 Gbps

Google "Patrick Moore" and you get this. Note the unexpected nomination.

Same but longer timescale - note much higher peaks. This is from

This is from my router to the first hop.

Passed this on way into city

Charge cycles. Last one ends when iPhone reported charged. battery apps reported charged later >

iPhone 5 battery level so far. Faster discharge from all of that 4G testing and playing around.

Charge rate improves with time possibly? 2nd was from 9%

As you can see a fair bit of use in first few hours after charge.

Charge graph for first full charge of my iPhone 5.

Phone evolution by size. Most of these are my personal phone timeline.

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