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"Don't do that anymore or I'll call the police" -Sontard Bahahaha

yep, hit the whole Eastern TN/Southwest VA area. Here's my front yard at Virginia Tech!

this is my current view! Cuddling a pug and watching harmonica lessons on youtube. #yessir

what's up pussycat? #pussy ...#cat

join in!

so...I'm kind of wanting to go dark again...but my personality is blonde. Ugghhhriekdkdjsuiiejje

I also realized that I never send you flattering pictures of myself...so..here!

how bout a pony ridin a horse on a camel and some ziplock bags full of mini shake weights. #makeithappen

I do!

a reply with SHOCKing secrets inside! Muahahaha #dirrty

Yayyyyyyyyxhskwjwhxuxjdhdj #EXCITED thank you, you Sassy McSasstress

mine is a 3.25. Seriously. I have little tiny baby hands

I just watched. We need to hang out. You bring the ambien, I'll bring my sexiness.

I love me some makeup woman #hillbilly #heckyea

I want to party....but I live in Virginia!

I'm playing bingo and thinking of you. Thought you should know. #bingo #Alfred #whatever #hobo

mine? A one armed man with a spoon chasing me shouting "life not drugs and hot potato salad"

does he want my spiderman outfit? Yes, I was a grown woman when this picture was taken #Spidey

I'm crossing my fingers and (20 years ago) was rubbing this bunny ear for luck that one is mine!

this makes me think of you and your 'child'