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for you

We took an updated version of our awesome family photo and I forgot about it:

just bought flights to see my love dot jpeg

today one of my lolcommits pictures matched perfectly with its caption:

I had a look through my polishes and this is pretty close!

Knockoff brands trying really hard to be exact are my favourites.


damn my job is in jeopardy

Gmail is ON IT with these action buttons, wow.


That isn’t a word. Try again.

Have we talked about Sean Monahan’s eyebrows? We should talk about them.

wooooo (trying a new recipe, hopefully it’s good)

I finally bought a nice soup pot like a Real Adult. this is an important life event thank you for sharing it with me

If you were wondering why we can’t have nice things, I suspect I have found one of the reasons.

my boyfriend sent me a picture of his dog in the snow and I need to share it with you

so this wasn’t some kind of cold-induced hallucination

I am reminded by your tweets that I took a pic of this shirt I thrifted. There are gold threads in it!

Dude takes selfie with Dustin Byfuglien:

this is basically how i feel about it (because they can go “hey look she’s actually totally gross!!!11”)