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CMYK vs. RGB black in iBooks Author, AKA shit that drives me koo-koo bananas.

Oh, good. Just in time to start testing ibooks files next week.

. SO POWERFUL. I put Red Robot in his place in this photo:

Oh hai, Amazon Kindle. I made a .cbr of my ebook from last night. Test away!

Hi DPI mode is rad.

Nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of a Mac.

Nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of a Mac.

why do I love crazy radio so much? THE ADS.

oh god, mirror universe me just poked through and tried to kill me. unrelated: who wants chili?


RT if fear leads to hate and hate leads to SUFF FERR ING

seriously, my desk is monstrous right now.

Found in my "author photos" folder while sorting for my big pile of ebooks:

Don't tell I added this Kickstarter reward or they might steal them all:

because he can't eat chocolate, duhhhh