Charismatic preacher. Enjoys tithes. I make cartoons and t-shirts at . Is not the wife of Matt Fraction. Perhaps we met at XOXO Fest?

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Stop toying with my emotions, Obama campaign!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook ads are really something.

I've done it a million times. Nearest neighbor. You just have to make it the actual target size .

GALAGA '88: Now that I have a Galaga, I'm almost done getting my Funnest Set of Games.

One more, for battlefield macro horror:

Begun, the Clone Wars have. I hope this works.

Exporting 26 final book files for a last proof and then it's time to clone a billion thumb drives!


Nope! RT : But Clango is always topless.

worth a thousand words?

Shirts are folded for Comicon. Fare thee well, future people unknowingly cosplaying as me.

superficial similarities, but made me look twice:

I have ten USB disks attached to my computer for duplication testing.

Anyway, here is a GIF of 's dog giving me a knowing look:

Woo! I've got lots of I Loaf Bread shirt sizes back in stock.


. It is never dickish to point out an actual fact in a calm manner. Your prize for being first:

I love this eyebrow. This is how I spend my evenings. Thousands of evenings.


Are we doing this? Can you repel firepower of THIS magnitude?????