I used to love TV so much my Mum said I would get square eyes. I did. So I got them fixed.

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the boys from #mythbusters are in Melbourne town and they are great #BehindTheMythTour

#LS50 this is a magic combo Orbit's Bass out of these is superb Madge's hair even matches the Uni-Q driver.

we are perhaps half way thru the drying process. That's only one side though

About to see the effin' National and these are our seats. It is going to be not bad I think

My view at Dr Who Symphony Spectacular. Could be worse I guess but not much

Aaargh. Almost an hour to download 1 issue of #cinefexclassic and then this right at the end. Right back to square 1

I could probably read the original cover to cover in the time it takes to download issue 17 of #cinefex on iPad

you know it makes sense

you know it makes sense

#rocket the cat & her amazing blue eyes. Taken with iPhone & grease proof paper to diffuse sun. Finished in Snapseed

he was doing a book signing. Going to see American Werewolf in London with Q+A tomorrow night

Oh yeah did I mention. I freakin' met John Landis today.

I mean't to send this before. Note lack of beer.

I met a legend today.

got this error with #clear on iPhone. What should I do?

At the #palace in Melbourne awaiting the arrival of #foals Now have to defend my good spot for at least an hour & 1/2

What a magnificent song this is by the #cocteautwins

happy birthday. Here is a cake

That Beyonce Pepsi ad gives me the shits. And all I can think of is ...