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Vector loves to swim circles around the thermometer. #vector #bettafish #love #fishclub

Thanks you. Loves you

wish u were here my isla vista guide.

Chopping the lumberjack down.

LOL at this tour bus full of white dudes in isla vista. #WTF


My roomates + tyne photobombing

Lemon festival!


I bought vector a decoration and his plants are growing :D #fishclub #happyowner #bettafish

Fell off my bike yesterday. I turnd my cut/bruise into a snarling face w/a mustache #ionlydrewtheyes


rode his skateboard in IV while carrying his vacuum. #soshaunt

and his mexican bagel.

Roomates and I! :D

and iii. Xoxxo

My roonmmate and I. And #briantizzels

Happy birthday uncle michael!

John Williams at the #hollywoodbowl tonight under the full moon. No harry potter song was played :(

Me and my roommates! :)