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5 days out and the RealClearPolitics.com national poll average is dead even. Wow.

A snapshot of the current air traffic over the US.


Hey looks like your MSU tweet was featured on MSU's homepage.

Who at decided this text was legible? Yikes.

Well that's certainly a polite way of the FAA saying "GTFO."

Can you imagine an actual legitimate news agency putting this garbage on their home page? #FauxNews

Damn Apple, that inset bevel is a bit harsh don't ya think? #reduceTheOpacityDawg

Advertisments like this are just insulting to the user. Shame, .

Just a sample of today's CNN.com homepage…

My absolute favorite UI element on Facebook is their "Life Event" UI. Exceptionally well executed IMO. Screenshot:

The new 3D view in Firefox 11's Web Inspector is blowing my mind.

UH. Switch your Facebook language to Pirate and try to mark a comment on a post as spam. Epic trolling. (NSFW)

Tried changing some info on my work benefits provider's website. Got this message when I tried to log in. wtf?

Why does not FLOAT the table of contents for articles? It's a huge waste of space.

Google+ photo galleries utilize a great flip animation to see meta data on individual photos. Cool stuff.

Did ya REALLY have to center that input field on its own goddamn line, Microsoft?

Just got my first car! It's a 2011 Elantra GLS w/nav. Designed in California, Made in Alabama. 40mpg. Love it!

Current status:

Well at least they're willing to poke some fun at it... #iphone

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