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「Chaos の Agent, Vagrant x Spirit, Gothic & Lolita, bon vivant brat, universal entity, monster hunter」 ミ★ @HellishRomance ♥

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My face when people compare Firefly to Star Wars

P. Silleh theme. Mabbe now? Idk whey :<

this is p silleh >w< <3

//new wig~ got bored and dressed up last night

drivan around #666

c: currrry with a

fffffff i'm in love #3DS totally worth it #Zelda

Ms Michaelis、signing off. Off to work~

So I open #BlackFriday tomorrow night hggngnn #why

<3 <3 <3 Yay! #LOZSS #Zelda

wow this is fucking outrageous


#KeepCalm and write the Professor

Damn , I like your taste in men-- I mean, backgrounds....

You'll get a full body picture soon~ #frilly