Ahmad Al-Hammad


I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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wish if you were here :D

want one?

Aramex intaw FILIM, mo men 9ejkom!?

are you ready? Xoxoxoxoxo

"neqazt"? >_>

Firefox needs 1GB of ram, apparently. No wonder my work PC is having a rough morning :(

oh yeah?

did someone call the #hi3 team? (♯`∧´) rawr

O_O????? Safe for work?


this is not Ahmad. We found his phone with his will to send this photo to you, looks like we lost him :(

hmmm UK Aug? Hmmmmm

I want to melt your faces, so here is a cute baby. Good night

If I get a house, my living room would look like this

Omw to....

One day I'll be this cool

OMG this made my day!! Chuck Norris kicking a freaking unicorn in the face cake!! Thank you :D

Achievement unlock: #hi3 Slayer.