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KHS;25E058AA. @Montoyaa_4's, est 071712♥∞/i love my izzy b/c he's full of jizzy ♥ so good ☺/good things happen to those who wait.

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Reppin' my boo's sweater :') ♥ #immashitonit

Me being cute in graphics class

Happy birthday thanks for all the poptarts hahaha :') ♥ crazy gurl #loveya

bitches be thirsty #LOL

and gaming out in the gym #truegamers

I come home to matching sweaters with my kuya LOOOL #thanksmommy

My brother and bestfriend<3 #loveyou

Ballin' out with

No one fuckin with my clique. '8 #redtillweredead #loveyaguys

Just unexpected matching with a fag LOLOL #lilbro

How we spend our graphics class.... LOOL <3

Who's the odd one out? LOOOL <3

Go to remys house... Take everything you want LMFAO

I have practice tmrw morning OH NO

Idk about you guys but I think my family is ready for christmas

When 's ankle starts hurting she collapses on the floors.. "Hindo ko kaya" LMFAO #dead

you too sam you too

How we spend graphics class. #lol

Favourite grade 8er.. Missed him <3 :)