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Last minute preparation!

 @HypeOrDie @InvictaFights

Last minute preparation!

These crackers is crackin!!! Mmm tasty thanks

Told him not to post secret air piano! INVICTA FC4 i coming!


IF YOU DOWN WITH ME THEN YOU like their fb page! Thanks to my newest sponsor for supporting me!

Girlfriend gettin her nails did today!

then I'm "you done fucked up eyes!!!!"

then I'm shark eyes

but then somtimes I'm devil eyes!!!

lol sometimes they call me wolf eyes

Don't you dare

Got home last night to the best, AND ONLY, Christmas present!
Its real

Cabin Fever in the car! 
 @InvictaFights @Fearthefighter @SuckerPunchEnt @HypeOrDie

Cabin Fever in the car!

Most fights are WON at the staredown!

My Babu has a warning for all y'all!
 @InvictaFights @Fearthefighter @shanknapp @SuckerPunchEnt @HypeOrDie

My Babu has a warning for all y'all!

If "it" has never made you do this, then you probably don't LOVE it!

but it says not following...

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