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Seeing at Heinz Hall! Best seats ever! I may pee. Just a warning, fellow theater goers.

She stops purring and starts crying when I let go of her head.

We have beavers at the sub. I have named them Justin Beaver and his gf Selena.

guys, I need a pet bat.


Sun into Mon: 6-10", accuweather is saying a very specific 8.9". I know. I'm sorry. Have a kitten.

I LOVED THOSE!! did you guys have these? I still crave them sometimes...

I definitely need a baby goat to start off the day.

Isabella is warm... AND fabulous!

This is the house that I am absolutely positively in love with. I feel it to my core that it's meant to be mine.

what kind of cataclysm is happening between 1pm and 2pm tomorrow?!?

Look at my awesome present!

Then I noticed this guy. This guy has seen stuff, man... stuff you wouldn't understand...

So I put up my owl xmas tree today:

"These paparazzi are getting out of hand!"

enjoy these owls.

Happy Bun-o-ween!!

The Wild Kitteh of Pillow Jungle


Ducky was still here for a few brief, shining moments this morning :( #NeverForget #pittsburghduck #forever