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Biomedical engineer / Carnatic musician / Cyclist / Fitness advocate / Timmy's coffee devotee / Social media addict / Proud Canadian / #CSATweetup participant.

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Pipe organ and main Basilica at St. Joseph's oratory. #Montreal

Pipe organ and main Basilica at St. Joseph's oratory. #Montreal

Completely autonomous rover on a CSA Mars test field. #CSATweetup. #marsrover. #CSA.

Rovers are remotely maneuvered using Xbox-style controllers!

After a few days in space, you get hypersensitivity (tinglyness) in your foot soles. They're on it - Hypersole Project!

Life sciences lab - where rocks, minerals and novel fluorescent probes are investigated. #CSATweetup

Growing corn and various crops up North, controlling water, and mock Mars terrains - all done completely remotely. #CSA

PTOC - payload telecomm operation centre - where Scientists watch their experiments being conducted by astronauts.

MSS simulator. Replicates the #canadaarm control station on ISS. Used to train astronauts from Japan and USA #CSA.

Robotic arm command centre. This is where they send commands to both the #canadaarms from. #CSATweetup.

Dextre - This will be used instead of human spacewalks to do refueling and maintenance.

On a tour of the John H. Chapman Space Agency. So cool - full scale Canadaarm2!!!

SRB separation. All three engines still good. #CSATweetup

Some kind of failure...5 minute window otherwise it's scrubbed. #GodSpeedAtlantis

Just asked about Cda's role in missions to Mars - he says a Cdn flag will be there in 2030! #CSATweetup.

Astronaut Bob Thirsk's explanation of the differences between a Shuttle and a Soyuz Rocket is FASCINATING!! #CSATweetup

#CSATweetup Julie Payette joins in livefrom KSC! #STS135.

Astronauts David and Jeremy addressing the media and CSA family. #STS135 #CSATweetup.

Introductions are underway at the official CSA media event. #CSATweetup.

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