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The river rat is tuckered out.

Worked with dad today.

Happy Dog

Brothers in relaxation.

Someone take this away from me.

Knick-knack, puppy-wack
Give this dog a bone!

All up in your grill.

Lazy day.

Noah and daddy.

Go ahead and make it. I'm not moving...

Snooze hound.

Just popped a squat next to daddy. Not sure why he's laughing so hard.

It's really pretty up in this bitch.

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.


This state loves dogs. Location:

I'm not a religious dog, but this shit is crazy! It even smelled divine.

Would you eat it, in a box.
Would you eat it, with a fox?

Is the hipster enough? #fauxhemian

The whole family, together again.