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I'm not but I'm trying the football photography. He's inspired me.

Saw this and thought of some of y'all. Here you go,

here you go, holmes!

Sixth graders get it. Thank you, #reddit

British Ackbar!

and I know you don't handle the technical, bit in case anyone asks the same.

is this the one?

When you hit bottom, you need a laugh. This helped. Thank you, reddit.

Your music list needs this song. Seriously.

May be one of my favorite songs, ever. #LetsDance

Sigh..I just don't understand some people. Yet, the 1st Amendment protects their right

with good light...taken in a garage, with an iPhone.

its nothing more than a photo shoot with an iPhone. If I can find a a way...

here you go, dear. Join in if you wish :)

#iGrewUpWatching Airwolf!

#iGrewUpWatching The Beastmaster (I'm showing my age here)

#iGrewUpWatching You Can't Do That On Television

This is sad and/or pathetic. I am so addicted to this. Downloaded for the ride home on Saturday... #flow

How I remember these days...

This x a million