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Writer and media inventor. Works at Twitter. Mostly tweets about writing, books, art, design, technology, journalism, & things seen on city streets.

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The comes to Twitter. Wow:

High bright wind between the buildings


Hey look, my first byline! Big thanks to and byline-buddy :

You know what the #NewTwitter is really good for? Visual hashtag memes! How about… #MyDesk

Bieber proximity… achieved

Behold! Our glamorous backstage #VMA command post:

Coral reef made by smart monkeys

At SFO, I always look up & think, "No no no, I want to fly in one of THOSE"

Spotted on my street—primary colors:

Taking a break from writing w/ the new . YOU > EVIL

Is there a name for this kind of refraction? I dub thee lightjelly

The red lady has trees for hair

Saturday morning tweet juxtaposition

I'm gonna name a character Strauss T. Bascule

Heroes Club

Lionel Casson binge

California's mascot is totally stuck in the uncanny valley. Not quite a real bear, not quite Yogi

Oh I don't know maybe PRINTING IT ON A LASER

Finally seeing HQ. This is like Graceland for data viz nerds! Except… nobody's dead