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North London Musician/Photographer/A&R guy. Partial to pressed white shirts, dark blue jeans, runway/editorial models and such. Bit of an old soul at heart. AFC

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I cannot believe this is Tyra Banks…

Looking forward to #ChoiceReloaded to get me out of this grump.

Natasha Poly's like "Bitch, I ain't EVER gonna be as fierce as you KMT"

Indiana Jones gets all Wu-Tang innit.

Arms need some SERIOUS attention in the gym when I return.


I really fear for the future of rap music…

Holy sweet mother of GOD!

D'awww the groom and groom from Sunday.

This is his wife, Mirka.


Good GRIEF Joan Smalls…

I know having a number 1 record doesn't have the kudos it used to, but you'd think you'd smile if you got it.

Nice campaign shoot… Your hurrrrr got long.

Lyrics to live by…

It's the motherfucking weekend.

Mind you, it's probably the best Chelsee Healey's looked in a long time. Pity about the team doe!

Bey's pixie cut didn't last long. Her hair must grow an inch per day. I'm envious. Christ she looks hot.

Hate to say this, but I think MJ would have looked like Ozzy in about 10 years time had he have lived long enough…