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Youngblood #78 - out today!

Found this cool Byrne plate from long ago...

Superman with red underpants is all over licensed products

Just now breaking into yesterday's comics!

Just in! Prophet vol. 2! Excellent!!

Lunchtime reading

Screw the paywall

Can't go wrong with these 2 Kirby collections

In honor of the Man of Steel - back to the well today!

One of the greatest runs in comics. Byrne's F.F.

Says here, GI Joe 2 is 94 minutes!!

Another!! Wow! Whaddya know?? Brokeback in action

I beg to differ spines are amazing! and get a life!!

Youngblood 78 splash! Roll call!

Youngblood #78 splash! Roll call!

Check out this page from Youngblood #78

Badrock's fate revealed! Out today!

Iron Man 3 toys at Target!!

Break-back pose possible!!

Courtney Stodden's twitter avatar proves the break back pose possible !!