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Who'd want to be sane? That's utter madness!

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Hey ! What are these things in my Trash?

Looking SXE, …

Oh God...

Apparently my Facebook app thinks it's 1998...

If you're having security issues, I feel bad for you son,
Got 99 problems but Mac malware aint one
(Yes, I'm THAT lame)

Our mothers must be so proud!


The train drive must have an amazing view

That is the most powerful and biggest rainbow I've ever seen!!

Well! That's us told...

I think I've broken a friendship

Finally made it to the bottle bank

I gave in because in bored

Nice gun Mr Secret Service Man #obamavisit #fb

One room. Four Macs. V for Vendetta. EPIC nerdgasm. #fb

BBQ, beers and Bad Ass!

BBQ #fb

I've a GoPro to play with for the night :) #fb

Dublin is looking gorgeous. And in down George Street Arcade