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Speaking of inappropriate head gear, remember this classic Brandis moment?

Ban supermarket shelf-packing, the early evidence suggests it is clearly terrorist training #journalism #buythepaper

I’ve been looking for these zines *everywhere*…

I was expecting an interesting anecdote but "my husband wrote it" is not an interesting anecdote

WTF? “Sponsored” Instagram posts in my feed? Fuck off.

#journalism #buythepaper

(86+165) / 1815 x 100 = 13.8%

13.8% x 108870 sub-class 457 visa holders in Aus at 30 June 2014 = 15024

Confident lede… “not many… can have been… so that is probably…”

LOL obviously the place to “seek a peace deal with Labor” is at a private Liberal fundraising dinner

Anyone read Circular Gallifreyan? got a wedding invitation and we can’t read it.

"strong leadership … morally courageous" = following the opinion polls? Really?

Oh come on, who translates this

just wow

My 5e Player’s Handbook arrived…

Yo dawg I heard you like Liam Hogan so I put a Liam Hogan in your Liam Hogan


What the shit, Phoenix Wright?